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Check back next week. I’ll be posting new photos from a recent wedding and band photo shoot! I’ve also added wedding albums to my products list! Check out my website!


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I’m offering a free session to the first 10 people to message me on my Facebook page. Prints are not included, however I’m offering 30% of all prints ordered. I’ll even throw in a free 3 Panel Collage! If you have any questions, let me know!

Festive Competition Entry

Festive Competition Entry.  <——Click on the link and vote & comment on my images!!! I might win a trip to Thailand or many other cool prizes!! much ❤

Homeland Security To Allow Photography Outside Federal Buildings

The Federal Protective Service has agreed under a legal settlement with photographer Antonio Musumeci to send written instructions to all its officers and employees stating that individuals have a “general right to photograph the exterior of federal courthouses from publicly accessible spaces.”

Musumeci won a lawsuit against FPS, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, after his arrest last November for taking photos in front of a federal courthouse in lower Manhattan.

The settlement agreement also extends to photography outside other federal buildings, stating “there are currently no general security regulations prohibiting exterior photography from publicly accessible spaces, absent a written local regulation, rule or order.”  The agreement was negotiated with the New York Civil Liberties Union and certified in US District Court for the Southern District of New York. It could clarify security rules that photographers have long complained are unevenly and arbitrarily enforced.

Musumeci, who works with the radio show Free Talk Live, was videotaping a demonstration on the sidewalk in front of the Daniel Moynihan US Courthouse in New York City on November 9 when he claims an officer from the FPStook his camera and issued him a ticket. He continued recording the encounter with another camera but, according to the lawsuit he filed against the Department of Homeland Security in April, the officer retained his memory card.

Homeland Security has agreed to pay Musumeci $3350, including court costs and attorney’s fees. The agency will also return his memory card.

Michael Keegan, chief of public and legislative affairs for  the Federal Protective Service,, said in a statement that the settlement “clarifies that protecting public safety is fully compatible with the need to grant public access to federal facilities, including photography of the exterior of federal buildings.”

While the case clarifies the limits of federal statute, photographers who want to take photos of federal buildings may still find themselves treated like a terrorist.  Local and municipal laws regarding photography in public places still apply. Also, the settlement states that law enforcement officers are not prohibited from questioning photographers to find out “the purpose of taking the photographs or the identity of the individual,” or from “taking lawful steps to ascertain whether unlawful activity or reconnaissance for the purpose of a terrorist or unlawful act is being undertaken.

A copy of the settlement can be found here.


Article located at Photo District News


My website is complete! and I’m officially a member of the PPA. The PPA is the Professional Photographers Association of America. I gained this membership through school when we helped out with the International Print Competition that they have every year. It was amazing how we got to handle prints from all around the world from different artists with  different backgrounds and techniques used to create the final images. Check out the new site and check out the association for more information!

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Ok so I’m only like 3 days from launching my official website. I’m still working on my portfolio section. But everything else is how it will be when it’s finished. I’m totally open for suggestions and things that will improve my website, so let me know! Below is a screenshot and you can check my progress at!

Website in the Works

Blair Nichole Photography Official Website

Alright, so I know I’ve been EXTREMELY slack about updating my blog. I have however been working extremely hard in order to create a website I can send potential clients to. With the inspiration from Gerald Faison during our Internship Quarter at Gwinnett Tech, I have almost completed my official website. As soon as it goes live, I will be letting you know. After I go live, then I will revamp my blog! Good things to come!